Types of MRE Meals

With the introduction of the MRE Meals, there was also the need and the opportunity to create different rations to meet the needs of different individuals. These rations are designed for different moments and cultures, in order to be distributed between soldiers and civilians of different types without directly interfering with their beliefs or cultures. They also have a certain quality of calories, or certain characteristics that differ from the typical MRE Meals, but still count as some.

Types of MRE Meals Found

1- Kosher / Halal: This is intended for soldiers in service with strict requirements in their diets, for it is offered such ration certified that contains the necessary ingredients to not make direct offenses to the soldier’s religion

2- Humanitarian Ration: This type of ration is designed to be delivered to victims of disasters or humanitarian causes. Its flavor is designed to be globally accepted by different cultures throughout the world, and is able to feed an individual for a full day

3- Cold Weather: It is a ration style designed to be able to last and be edible in cold weather. It has a frozen main course designed to be cooked quickly with water, and the other ingredients of a MRE Meals. They also possess additional mixtures of drink looking to keep the soldiers much more hydrated

4- MRE Meals for patrol: They are Rations MRE Meals with a higher weight given to the amount of utensils they possess. They are designed for patrols that will not be replenished in a long time and must be vigilant.

5- First Strike Ration: Same as a MRE Meals but designed for the advanced soldiers. This ration does not need a preparation and added to it is extremely light. In addition, it can be eaten walking without disturbing the qualities of the soldier.

6- Training: It is a MRE Meals with a calorific capacity much lower than the common. Their function is designed to adapt the incoming military personnel to adapt to the taste and the proper food of war rations, without providing them with a batch of extreme calories that they do not need and that will then cost them a lot of work to burn. It is used in training camps, and class instructions for different military activities.

7- Unitised: It is an MRE Meals but extremely large. Its design is given to feed large groups of people and not just an individual as they commonly do.

8- Food packages: It is the last type of MRE Meals. It is given to boat captains, pilots or the like who may need in rare cases a small food ration for any type of emergency. They are small and not very complex rations besides an extremely simple preparation.

9- MRE Meals Vegetarian: like the religious rations this ration is completely vegetarian and its components are designed for soldiers with these characteristics at the time of eating

Now having analysed these types of rations we can conclude that the MRE Meals has advanced to contain the needs of any individual or group of individuals worldwide.